elmhurst.jpgA man who allegedly pointed a loaded pistol at police was shot in the legs last night in Queens. A sergeant and two officers began following a man after he was seen acting suspiciously near the Queens Center Mall, according to the Times. The plainclothes cops gave chase in an unmarked car when the the suspect began to run. The chase continued on foot until the suspect ran into a parking garage on Junction Blvd at 59th Avenue.

According to police the suspect aimed a .38-caliber pistol at the police after they identified themselves. The Daily News reports the sergeant pulled out his gun and fired twice, hitting the suspect in each leg. The suspect, Wayne Bolton, 24, the third in as many days that has been shot and wounded by police, is in stable condition at Elmhurst Hospital Center. No charges have yet been filed but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said today that Bolton will likely face weapons charges.

Also in Queens yesterday, an off-duty police officer was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot a couple if they did not turn over their parking space. Officer Kevin Soogrim was arguing with the couple Thursday evening when he displayed a black handgun and said "If you don't move your car I'll shoot you." Soogrim did not identify himself as a cop. He then drove off but the person he allegedly threatened got his license plate.