[UPDATE BELOW] Driver Trevor Bell is recovering after being shot multiple times by a passenger on Friday night, and investigators say the altercation began when Bell asked the passenger for the predetermined $12 fare. The passenger had walked into Big D Car service asking for a ride to 122nd Street and Sutter Avenue, but when Bell dropped him off at the dead end and asked for the fare, the passenger pulled out his gun and shot Bell, leaving him with bullet wounds in his neck, his arm and both his legs. He then stole just under $100 from the running car and fled the scene.

Wilson Ramones, who lives near the scene, ran out to Bell after his wife heard gunshots. "I came out and I saw the guy bleeding," he told the Daily News. "I got closer, I could hear him screaming, he was saying, 'Help.' I ran to him. There was a lot of blood, especially when I saw the hole in the neck." Ramones called 911, and law enforcement officials are currently reviewing footage caught on the cab's security camera. Fernando Mateo, head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, said, "It's a very dangerous job. It's one man against the world. Every person that enters your car is a stranger...Whoever committed this crime is an animal."

[UPDATE] Police have released video of the suspect taken from inside the cab.