Yesterday, the Post revealed the top suspect in the Sarah Fox murder was actually a neighbor who had been giving the police tips. The murder of Fox, a Juilliard student whose body was found in Inwood Park last May, worried the neighborhood about park safety (Fox had been going for a run). Dimitri Sheinman had told police he had "visions" that could help the police in the murder investigation, and the details he gave were reportedly "severely intimate" about facts that hadn't been disclosed to the public. District Attorney Robert Morgenthau confirmed that he was the top suspect, but there wasn't enough information to charge him. Sheinman, father of a three year-old and reeling from the coverage, angrily told news crews that he was innocent, also saying, "Just because you work for the media you think you can pester me? You are disgusting."

Gothamist on the Sarah Fox disappearance/murder.