Prosecutors described how a jogger was brutally attacked and raped in East River Park during the arraignment of suspect Paul Niles.

The 26-year-old woman had been running near Cherry Street when she was allegedly approached by a man on a bicycle; police say he "motioned for her to be quiet. The victim turned around and started to run in the opposite direction when the suspect grabbed her hair, put his arm around her throat and pulled her into the amphitheater area where he raped her."

The Post reports that Assistant District Attorney Meghan O’Brien described how he "pulled down her shorts and ripped off her underwear, pushed her to the ground," and threatened to shoot the victim. O'Brien added, "When he was finished, he demanded money from her and took her cell phone and credit cards and told her to run."

Niles surrendered to police shortly after the authorities released surveillance footage of the suspect using the victim's credit card at a deli. While O'Brien said, "The defendant made a statement alluding to the robbery. (He) was identified in a lineup," Niles' defense attorney said that Niles never confessed to the rape: "My understanding is that he surrendered. He’s been homeless for a number of years."

Judge Michael Stallman said, "Based on everything here that I read and heard, he is a risk of flight," and held Niles without bail. The suspect, who has had prior arrests for violent crimes, was also put on suicide watch.