The Long Island woman suspected of forcing her children to help kill 20 dogs and bury them in her backyard lost custody of her kids yesterday. A family court judge ordered that Sharon McDonough's children be turned over to foster care or to the suspect's 21-year-old son, Douglas McDonough, who first alerted the anti-animal-abuse TV show "Rescue Ink" of the "concentration camp" for animals.

The suspect — who reportedly started acting "off" following her husband's death last year — was also ordered to take a psychiatric exam. Depending on the results, she may regain custody of her kids, who were instructed to receive therapy. The suspect's defense attorney maintains that his client is innocent: "She's plead[ing] not guilty. The law presumes she is innocent. And she is standing by her plea," said lawyer James d'Angelo.

In what one investigator dubbed the worst case of animal abuse he has ever witnessed, McDonough is suspected of torturing the animals before interring them behind her Selden home. Neighbors — who have long complained of foul odors coming from McDonough's house — continue to allege that the suspect kidnapped and killed their pets as well. When authorities searched the suspect's home, they rescued five dogs and a cat living in deplorable conditions. Earlier this week, the cast of the TV show "Rescue Ink" turned a press conference on the case into a shouting match when they accused investigators ignoring repeated calls for help from the suspect's children and excluding her kids from the animal adoption process.