2006_10_stabber.jpgA surveillance camera in a Long Island City apartment building stairwell shows a man staring at a knife - most likely after he attacked a Chinese food delivery man. Police say the suspect called in a food order from a payphone to be delivered to 35-20 21st Street in LIC. The suspect let the deliveryman into the building, and after arriving on the fourth floor, he stabbed the deliveryman in the chest and back multiple times. The surveillance footage shows the attacker leaving and then returning, perhaps because of other police activity in the area, according to the Daily News.

A resident of the building told WABC 7, "I gave him an old towel to just apply pressure to his chest, we waited for 911 ... he was trying to call someone on his phone but once again he couldn't speak English so he kept trying to hand us the phone but the phone was full of blood." The victim was taken to Presbyterian Hospital and is expected to recover.