carolsimon.jpgThe man who allegedly shot and killed Carol Simon-Hayes last week, as she was walking towards her nine-year-old son and talking to a friend on the phone, has been arrested. Darius Dubarry was arrested at a motel in Augusta, Georgia, where the 27-year-old fled town after Simon-Hayes's death. Simon-Hayes was killed in Crown Heights when an argument between Dubarry and another man devolved to gunplay, and Simon was struck by a stray bullet. “I got a bullet, I have to call 911," the nurse technician told her friend on the phone.

The New York Post reports that Dubarry is a member of the Black Israelites, that group that one can frequently find in Times Square proclaiming that black people are the true descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. The family of Carol Simon-Hayes was thrilled at the news of Dubarry's arrest. Her brother-in-law, who is married to her Simon-Hayes' sister, said "We never doubted for one moment he would be caught because we believe strongly in the police force and ourselves."

Dubarry allegedly confessed to cops that he was the one that shot Carol Simon-Hayes, and he knew that the bullet he put in her stomach killed her, which is why he fled town. He is being extradited back to New York City to face charges in her death.

If anything is to be taken from the death of the 35-year-old mother, it is the unification of members of an ethnically diverse Brooklyn neighborhood that identified Simon-Hayes' senseless death as a possible catalyst for ending a plague of violence that has claimed too many of their neighbors.