Police are currently questioning a suspect in the execution-style murder of an L.A. law student who was fatally shot in the back of the head on 58th Street on Monday afternoon. According to NY Post sources, the suspect in the murder of 31-year-old Brandon Woodard was taken into custody for questioning in the Rosedale neighborhood of Queens. This came hours after cops located the getaway car linked to the murder, which had been found parked in Queens.

The Lincoln MKX was found after police questioned a Queens couple who rented it before the murder, the News reports. Cops were trying to determine whether the couple loaned the vehicle to the killers before the shooting. A police source told the News that investigators suspect drugs may have been the motive in the killing.

The NYPD Seeks This Gunman In Midtown Shooting Investigation from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Yesterday, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters that the bullet used in the shooting matches the shell casing of a bullet used in a 2009 non-fatal shooting in the 113th Precinct in Queens. “They never caught anyone involved with the shooting here,” said Yvette Brown, who lives at the home. “There are still bullet holes in the house.”

Kelly also said yesterday that Woodard had 20 arrests in California, mostly on narcotics charges. Other details have emerged about Woodard's day leading up to the shooting: “He ate breakfast at the counter but he was always looking over his shoulder,” said La Parisienne diner cashier Dimitrios Drimalitis. “He looked scared and afraid of something.”