Police say that the suspect in last week's murder of hip hop producer turned Orthodox Jew Yoseph Robinson has confessed. Eion Klass, who served 11 years in jail for attempted murder and robbery, has been charged with murder as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

Klass tried to escape from the 70th precinct stationhouse while he was in custody, was quickly apprehended, and then confessed to the crime. Police believe Robinson was trying to protect his girlfriend a week ago at the MB Vineyards liquor store in Midwood. Klass was captured after police received a street tip that he was the killer, and also responsible for another robbery that day.

Joseph Walcott, 38, who saw Klass before the shooting, said he had been going through some hard times: "He said he needed money. I saw him downstairs smoking, looking real stressed. Then I heard about the shooting and was like, 'Damn, my boy might have done that.'" Klass lived three doors from Robinson's shop, and used to smoke cigarettes with him. Klass' building super on Nostrand Ave., Emre Erkan, added, "He liked Yoseph."