After monitoring him for a week, police arrested Joseph Pabon in connection to the murder of a cleaning woman in a lower Manhattan office building. Police spokesman Paul Browne said, "We have linked DNA of Joseph Pabon of Staten Island to the murder of the cleaning lady at Rector Street." The Post reports that DNA found under murder victim Eridania Rodriguez's nails matched Pabon's: "Police said Pabon tried to sexually assault Rodriguez, but she fought back so ferociously that she scratched his hands and arms and squeezed him so fiercely that she left a palm print."

Last Saturday, Rodriguez's body was found stuffed in an AC vent on a restricted floor at 2 Rector Street. Rodriguez, who had been missing since the previous Tuesday, died of asphyxia and was found with bound feet and hands. Pabon, who worked at the building's freight elevator operator, was one of the people of interest, due to his ability to access the floor, a previous assault on a girlfriend and some scratches on his arms. He was taken into police station for fingerprinting as well as for a DNA sample on Thursday.

The Staten Island Advance reports that Pabon was arrested when leaving a children's birthday party at his father's home: "With guns drawn, the officers hopped out and surrounded the older-model Honda Accord in which Pabon was a passenger." According to the Daily News, when the police approached Pabon last night, they yelled, "Get out of the f-----g car! You're under arrest!" Pabon raised his arm and said, "Ah, f---!" when handcuffed. Passers-by reportedly clapped. Rodriguez's brother said, "I'm so glad. I'm so glad... We knew deep in our hearts it was him. Now, he's going to know what it's like to suffer -- maybe not like my sister, but he's going to know."

Pabon's attorney Mario Gallucci told the Advance, "Right now, what I'm learning through the media is that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against my client. I am no stranger to difficult cases or unpopular clients and when the facts come out, there is [going to be] more to this than meets the eye," he said following the noon proceeding." He also offered this quote to other papers, "My client stands here today innocent of the crimes alleged, and completely denies the allegation. He looks forward to the day he has an opportunity to fight these allegations in court."