2008_05_dryclean3.jpgThe police arrested a 22-year-old man and charged him with killing a beloved Windsor Terrace dry cleaner. As he was escorted from a police precinct last night, the Daily News reports that suspect Jamal Winter of Park Slope said, "I didn't do nothing."

The body of 63-year-old Kyung-Sook Woo was found in her store by a neighbor on Friday morning. Some reports say she was strangled, while the Post says she was "hit on the head with a blunt object." Woo's car, a white Honda Accord, was missing, leading police to believe the suspect stole it.

Winter was charged with murder and robbery; the Post adds that his "criminal history...includes an arrest for a similar crime within the past year - a gunpoint robbery in which the victim's car was stolen."

The NY Times notes that the community felt Woo was "a mainstay, a determined but lovable fixture in the community, who despite being robbed at least twice remained committed to serving her customers." She leaves behind a disabled husband, two sons, and grandchildren.