More details have emerged about the suspect killer of an NYPD investigator. Gary McGurk, an Irish national, was indicted on second degree murder charges related to the death of ex-girlfriend Michelle Lee. According to the NY Post, McGurk allegedly "used his forensic expertise to try covering his tracks by making her death look like a kinky sex crime." A police source said he left "a psychopathic crime scene to throw [cops] off his trail. He was pulling pieces from all sorts of different crimes into one scene." Eventually, McGurk apparently admitted he did scam Lee for money by claiming he had cancer, "I absolutely lied about the cancer. It was a means to an end for me," and that their sexual relations included "the bondage...the asphyxiation." McGurk's lawyer told the Daily News, "He denied it to me, he denied it to my partner, he denied it to police. Hopefully the truth will come out."