Police have arrested a 20-year-old man for the killing of a 67-year-old Staten Island man in the victim's home, and sources say that the suspect was out on bail for another burglary arrest.

Dante Viggiano was charged with murder, attempted murder (for stabbing the victim's wife), burglary and more for the incident at 80 Venus Place. Apparently Peter and Vincenza Gialluisi had returned home around 10 p.m. The Post reports, "Vincensa let her brother out first and then pulled into their attached garage so Peter could exit more easily with his walker... Viggiano... spotted the elderly couple entering the home through the garage and attacked them with a knife." The Advance noted, "As police searched for evidence at the home, a walker could still be seen in the driveway near an SUV that had blood smeared on the door."

Vincenza was screaming, "My husband, my husband! He killed my husband!" according to neighbors. David Didia said to the Post, "She came out bloody and ran over here to my daughter’s house. Her whole shirt front and back were soaked with blood. She was stabbed in the head, you could see the gashes." Another neighbor told the Advance that Peter Gialluisi was pretty much pinned up against the car -- the space was very small between the car and the side of the garage wall." Peter Gialluisi died from his injuries, while Vincenza was taken to the hospital.

Viggiano was arrested yesterday afternoon, after someone called 911 to describe him as emotionally disturbed. The Daily News reports, "Responding officers found Viggiano bleeding heavily from his hands, apparently because he struggled with his elderly victims over the knife. Vincenza Gialluisi later picked him out of a photo array, cops said."

According to the Staten Island Advance, "Police sources say [Viggiano is] also known by an alias, Johnathan Rameriz, and on Aug. 1, he was arrested under that name. In that incident, according to sources, he was linked to a July 19 break-in at a Rossville home where a set of car keys and the vehicle they started were stolen. At his arrest, he was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny -- a low-level felony -- though not burglary, according to public court records. Judge Orlando Marrazzo ordered him released Aug. 2 on his own recognizance until his next appearance in Stapleton Criminal Court Sept. 15."

Vinceza Gialluisi's birthday was yesterday, while Peter's was today; he would have turned 67. The couple had been celebrating their birthday with family before the attack.