Fire officials are investigating a explosion and fire in a Brooklyn row house that killed a woman yesterday. Gladie Doxa was seen arriving at the Linwood Street building at 9:30AM; a fire broke out after a loud explosion around 10:30AM. Doxa's son arrived on the scene, distraught and yelling, "Is my mother in there? Is my mom okay? What's going on with my mother?" Fire officials found an accelerant on the scene and have deemed the fire suspicious. The son told reporters that it must have been an accident.

The building had at least three apartments, and one tenants said that Doxa's husband Adler Gassan was his landlord and the couple lived in one of the apartments. (Gassan was working in NJ during the start of the fire and arrived by 11:15AM.) Newsday reports that a Gladie D. Henriquez owned the building; there are different accounts of the names involved, but the Daily News says that Doxa's son is named Kevin Henriquez.