Police are searching for two suspects in a robbery that turned deadly in Crown Heights on Wednesday night. The Utica Deli's owner Mohammed Mansoor Abuzaid, 50, and his son Abdul, 18, were killed in the basement of the store.

Two other workers and a customer were also taken to the basement. A worker, who was also taken to the basement, said that he and the Abuzaids tried to fight back. The worker told the Daily News, "During the fight, one of them hit me in the forehead," and he fell to the floor as the robbers also fired at them. He continued to play dead until the suspects left.

A neighboring store's worker told the NY Times that the Abdul, who immigrated from Yemen 25 years ago, had been robbed before, and that's perhaps why they fought back. Police spokesman Paul Browne said, "Every individual case is different. We don’t want people to put themselves in jeopardy. On the other hand, people have escaped what may have been serious harm or death by resisting. So it really depends, and it is very hard to second-guess anybody’s actions."

However, it seems like the robbers left empty-handed. No arrests have been made and police released surveillance video from the bodega on Utica Boulevard that shows two men entering the store.