Scaremongering just hit a whole new level underground, with Subivor -- the subway survival kit. The website (after a short video montage of all the ways the subway will ultimately become your tomb) warns straphangers:

Dear Subway Commuters,

Did you know that there are hundreds of subway related fires that occur each year?

Did you know that there are 27,817 structural fires that occur each year, that's an average of 2,318 per month?

And there's always Al Qaeda, who while not mentioned in their text, is all over that aforementioned video. So how do you survive fires, terrorism and Cloverfield monster attacks while underground? The kit includes:

  • SURVIVAL MASK disposable anti-fog facemask, protects against Toxic Smoke,Concrete Dust, Debris, Radio Active Dirty Bomb - radio - Active particle matter, Biological / Epidemic (e.g Influenza, Small Pox, and Dry spores (e.g. Anthrax Contaminants)
  • 3 1/2 inch Flashlight
  • 7 inch Orange Pry bar
  • Silver tone Metal Whistle
  • Orange Towelette Pouch
  • Compact Bag

All of that security can be yours for just $27.99, and it comes in a black bag with reflector tape that's adorned in your favorite threat level color...or pink. And this lil' lifesaver isn't just being advertised online, they've also got cars (so much safer!) parking in the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Photo by Sam Horine.