Somewhere between giving every homeless person a BMW, providing affordable housing for all police brutality protesters, and setting all the prisoners free, Mayor de Blasio forgot about white people.

According to a New York Times/Siena College Poll, only 28% of white New Yorkers approve of the way the mayor is handling his job.

Of the several hundred white New Yorkers with landlines willing to spend 10 minutes on an unsolicited phone call, 51% say the city is less safe than it once was, and almost the same percentage believe it is a worse place to live under his leadership.

Part of de Blasio's problem is that when he campaigned against racial profiling and unconstitutional policing, a lot of white people had no idea what he was talking about.

Representative Daniel M. Donovan Jr., a Republican whose congressional district includes Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, said Mr. de Blasio had allowed a perception to grow that he was preoccupied with New Yorkers in extreme economic distress, to the exclusion of other groups.

Mr. Donovan said his constituents felt neglected by Mr. de Blasio. He said the mayor’s reluctance to use hard-line, law-and-order language had also alienated some voters.

“Rudy Giuliani would speak about how we need to drive crime down even further,” Mr. Donovan said. “You hear Mayor de Blasio talking about maybe helping those who are in the system.”

Okay so just hire more cops, point at more dismantled homeless encampments, help fewer people. Arrest some jaywalkers. Simple.

But what do you do about this guy?

Michael Knapp of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, said: "New York is basically for the very rich or the very poor and the middle class is being left out, so he’s done a good job of getting affordable housing to those who need it. I think the police are doing a great job."

We predict an especially lucrative holiday season for the mayor's "hired guns."