It's like Kinsey meets Madison Avenue! Ad Age reports that ad agency BBDO has completed a survey that shows 14% of cell phone users have "stopped in the middle of a sex act to answer a ringing wireless device." For some country specific stats, the Germany and Spain led with 22% of those surveyed stopping sex to answer the cell, while only 7% Italy's cell phone users would answer. The US is slightly above average, with 15% stopping sex to answer the phone. The survey was only within BBDO's direct marketing network, so agency executives could explain to clients, "You see, people love to feel important and answer their phones - let's do that text messaging campaign!" No word if Publicis, the agency behind the T-Mobile Sidekick ads with Snoop, Paris Hilton, Jeffrey Tambor, and other celebs, has done a similar survey.

Gothamist isn't sure if David Ogilvy is rolling in his grave, but we're sure the Quizno's baby isn't helping.