A new poll says that half of all New Yorkers are barely managing to get by financially, which is unsurprising news in this rent-crazy town, but still points to a Tale of Two Cities that has yet to be significantly addressed.

The Times teamed up with Siena College to interview residents in all five boroughs, finding that 3 in 5 residents of the Bronx and Brooklyn are particularly struggling to make ends meet. Residents worried about job opportunities and access to decent public education, and complained about their relationships with local police and government officials. In the Bronx, 36 percent of surveyed residents said there were even times in the past year in which they were unable to feed their families.

Things are slightly better in Manhattan, with 58 percent of respondents saying they were financially stable, and then some. Still, 30 percent of Manhattanites say they're broke, too, and both they and Staten Islanders complain that things have been getting worse in their neighborhoods over the last year. 40 percent of Brooklynites and 36 percent of Bronx residents noted their neighborhoods were improving, but even that could have economic consequences farther down the line.