Photo of weekend subway service chances courtesy Triborough.

An international survey of metropolitan residents around the world has found that less than 10% of New Yorkers are happy with the city’s services – a far lower number than in cities abroad like Singapore, where 61% insist they’re satisfied.

Also more satisfied is Madrid, with a 37% thumbs up rate, while 29% approve of Paris services and 22% of Londoners are satisfied. But does this really mean New York’s services are worse, or is it just that griping is a way of life in New York?

Despite their beefs, New York has the highest percentage [29%] of residents who say they live in a “world class” city. But 82% have had it with New York’s high rents, almost half say the education system is failing, and 32% don’t feel public safety is up to par. The focus group survey was conducted by Accenture at a forum in New York last summer – so maybe the real surprise here is that 10% of the respondents didn't complain about New York services in the middle of summer.