Methamphetamine has reached its lowest popularity among teens in years, according to surveys of eighth, 10th, and 12th graders. The number of high school seniors reporting they used crystal meth in the past year is now at only 1.2 percent. (In 1999, it was 4.7 percent.) Cigarette smoking is also at the lowest point in the survey's history, and cocaine use is down too, but marijuana use was about the same as the previous year: 32.8 percent of 12th graders, 26.7 percent of 10th graders, and 11.8 percent of eighth graders say they've smoked grass. And for the first time this year, the survey measured the non-medical use of Adderall and found that more than 5 percent of 10th and 12th graders were using it (and probably getting straight A's).