Last summer not only was the city's sand deemed disgusting, but the water at our beaches wasn't getting a clean bill of health either. In fact, no NYC beaches rated above 3 stars on a 5 star rating system. Well, over the past year not much has changed. According to this year's report put out by the Natural Resources Defense Council, we've still got some of the dirtiest beaches in the country!

The 20th annual Testing the Waters survey came out Wednesday, and the Daily News reports that New York came in 7th worst in the nation for the quality of its beach water (last year we came in 9th).

So where are our worst spots? Orchard Beach in the Bronx and Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn got the lowest ratings again, and beachgoers are warned to stay away after it rains due to sewer pipes overflowing into the ocean. Unclean! Maybe that's why the latter is always so empty. An NRDC attorney says that "Orchard and Manhattan beaches had notable increases in the percentage of samples exceeding federal health standards as compared to 2008." You've been warned!