Could there be anything more stomach turning than reading that in order for a family of four in New York to "live well," they'd need about $500,000 a year (after taxes) to do so? figured out that a family of four would need a tony address in the 10021 Upper East Side, private schools, cars, a Hamptons home, fancy vacations... The real nail in the coffin for Gothamist is that "living well" in other Northeast cities is much less pricey - which we knew, but hate having confirmed. Gothamist will have to crank the numbers on living well in a non-Upper East Side area (think the outer boroughs!), praying that the kids get into magnet schools, and summering in the Rockaways, not to mention look into pyramid schemes to start. Sigh, The Jeffersons never had these worries.

See's New York, 10021 living well stats. And NY magazine thinks the Upper East Side is stable for real estate, if ridiculously pricey.