Under pressure from a lawsuit filed by the family of killed cyclist Mathieu Lefevre, the NYPD has released surveillance video recovered from the scene of the accident last October. And like all the other information that the NYPD has been forced to make public, the videos further underscore the haphazard nature of the investigation. After reviewing the videos, Streetsblog finds that the investigators' description of the videos in their reports does not correspond with what's in the videos. According to Streetsblog:

Even with a close viewing of the videos posted here — two of the four released by NYPD — it’s impossible to corroborate NYPD’s version of how the collision unfolded. (The third video shows the truck traveling on Meserole Street, leaving behind what appears to be Lefevre’s bike mid-block, and the fourth video shows Degianni parking the crane truck, then driving away in another vehicle.)

One detective's accident report states that video shows the driver of a flatbed truck turning right onto Meserole Street as Lefevre overtook him on his bike, headed straight. The driver hit Lefevre "with the passenger right side." But neither video actually shows the moment that driver Leonardo Degianni struck Lefevre. So unless there are more surveillance videos the NYPD has yet to release, it's extremely unclear what the investigators were basing their descriptions on.

“The FOIL documents raise more questions than they answer," says the Lefevre's attorney Steve Vaccaro. "The NYPD’s account of the crash doesn’t hold water, unless there is video or other evidence they are withholding." It could also be that accident investigators are predisposed to place the blame on cyclists when accidents like these happen, and they had not expected Lefevre's family to so doggedly pursue these embarrassing records.