A day after the Daily News columnist Michael Daly (and a News editorial) demanded that the NYPD release video of the shooting between a murder suspect and police that left an innocent bystander dead, the NYPD has made the video public. It shows suspect Leroy Webster exiting a building on Park Place, shooting and killing Eusi Johnson, and then how police fire at Webster as he tries to reenter the building. However, it does not show slain neighbor Denise Gay, who may have been killed by a police bullet.

Initially police believed that Gay was killed by Webster, who was using a 9mm, but ballistics testing showed that the bullet is actually more similar to a bullet used in a Glock—which is what some of the police officers used (and the police fired 73 shots at Webster). Police spokesman Paul Browne said that witnesses saw Webster's victim, Johnson, with a gun, though a gun has not been found. "Was it one of the officers’ Glocks?" Browne rhetorically asked. "Possibly. Was it from the gun witnesses said Mr. Johnson had, but has not been recovered? Possibly."

The NY Times spoke to a witness, Lars Johnson, who "thought it was quite likely that officers on Franklin Avenue fired the shot that killed Ms. Gay. He said that while some officers stood across from Mr. Webster’s stoop, others stood at the end of the block, at Franklin Avenue. Between Ms. Gay’s stoop and Mr. Webster’s stoop is a tree that might have kept Ms. Gay out of view of the officers on Franklin, Mr. Russell said."

A former police firearms instructor told the Times "the number of shots fired — 73 — and the number that missed their mark — all but 2 — was not unusual. He said that the fact that two police officers were shot made 'for more frayed nerves,' which he said decreased accuracy. He added that the shooting also occurred at close range, and that the closer officers were to a threat, the more bullets they were likely to fire."