(Screenshot via the Daily News)


An NYPD officer was charged with abuse of authority for shooting and killing a woman's pit bull in February.

On February 13 of this year, Officer Ruben Cuesta entered an apartment building on East 183rd street in the Bronx to investigate a domestic violence call. Surveillance footage obtained by the Daily News shows Cuesta and his partner standing outside the door of an apartment. When the door opens, a black pit bull emerges and Cuesta immediately draws his weapon and retreats into the stairwell. The dog follows him, but is wagging his tail and does not appear to be aggressive. Cuesta shoots the 70-pound-dog, named Spike.

Minutes later, a woman emerges from inside the house and begins to hit Cuesta before quickly being taken down by three police officers. An NYPD spokesperson could not confirm whether she received any charges.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board charged Officer Ruben Cuesta for abusing his authority during an investigation, but he remains on active duty. The CCRB recommended that he be retrained, and the NYPD will take these recommendations into consideration as they review Cuesta's actions. Two other officers were also charged with abuse of authority for allegedly forcing themselves into the building.

Yvonne Rosado, Spike's owner, has reportedly filed a suit against the city.