I hope you're sitting down, because I have shocking news for all of you. MTA data shows that the subway, New York City's bastion of reliability and sanity, is inundated with delays across the system, with only two lines escaping frequent tardiness. I know, shocking.

The latest MTA data that looked at on time performance through March of this year showed something that you might have been suspecting anyway, which is that almost none of the subway lines across the entire system manage to meet the transit agency's standard or 75% on-time service. The only full lines that manage to hit the 75% on-time or above standard are the L train (with 92.2% of trains showing up on time this year) and the G (with 75.8% of trains running on time through the year). In addition to those two full lines, the MTA's three shuttle trains (Times Square, Franklin Av and Rockaway) run on time over 90% of the time.

Other than that though, it's bad news all around. System-wide, only 63.2% of trains are arriving on time through the end of March this year. As for individual bad lines, the 2 take the Bad Gold medal by running on time only 30.6% of the time, the 4 train took the Bad Silver medal by running on time only 32.7% of the time and the 5 train took the Bad Bronze by arriving on time 32.8% of the time.

The F train, which has recently been subject to both fire and a harrowing instance of subway riders caught underground for 40 minutes in a train that lost power, ran 48.6% of the time, and the 7 train managed to just miss the MTA's standards by running on time 73.6% of the time. But hey, Governor Cuomo is running a contest looking for geniuses with ideas to fix the subway, so that should help.