It goes without saying that New York City's airports are not one of our strong points. JFK is a bloated mismanaged mess, LaGuardia is literally falling apart, and Newark is in New Jersey. Our delays and cancellations are abundant, and the turkey sandwiches at Cibo Express are very disappointing. And to add fuel to the engine fire, a new report says all three NYC airports are the biggest nationwide offenders when it comes to stranding passengers on the tarmac. The reason New Yorkers love this city so much is because it's physically impossible to leave it.

According to data from the Global Gateway Alliance obtained by the Daily News, passengers were trapped on the tarmac for over an hour on a collective 6,788 flights out of JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports in 2014, costing passengers about 6,900 in lost hours. Percentage-wise, those numbers earned all three airports top spots on the GGA's list (LaGuardia = #1, JFK = #2, and Newark = #3), followed by Chicago O'Hare and Philadelphia International Airport.

JFK and Newark also earned the respective #1 and #2 spots on GGA's list of extreme tarmac delays, with a total of 21 flights out of JFK getting delayed for over 181 minutes in 2014; Newark followed behind with 16. The next contender, Philadelphia Int'l Airport, only had 9 extreme tarmac delays.

Analysts blame crappy East Coast weather and tarmac congestion, the latter of which has been exacerbated thanks to a recent runway closure at JFK. Our tarmacs are also occasionally frequented by migrating turtles and/or escaped puppies, though it's hard to be angry about a delay when it's caused by something so adorable.

The good news is, it's so difficult to even get to these airports that you're better off spending the rest of your lifetime confined to the room you spend $1500/month on anyway.