In today's least shocking economic news, a college news website has put out a ranking of the most expensive universities in the country, and New York schools are topping the list! Campus Grotto, which has been ranking costly colleges since 2007, says Bronxville school Sarah Lawrence's $61,236 for tuition, fees and room and board makes it the priciest in the nation, with NYU (2) and Columbia (4) following at its heels with total respective costs of $59,837 and $58,742. And those numbers don't even include the cost of textbooks, supplies, monthly MetroCards and food truck drunk munchies! Good thing those jobs numbers are up, huh?

This year's Campus Grotto rankings are particularly significant in that they mark the first time in history a school has surpassed $60k. And with default rates on federal student loans at a climbing 13.4 percent and student debt higher than ever, things aren't looking so great for the fancy academia-bound.

The rankings also note that there are 74 schools in the country that cost over $55,000 a year to attend, which is up significantly from last year's 19 schools that cost as much. Other schools in the top five were Harvey Mudd College in California (3) and Wesleyan University in Connecticut (5). NYC-based New School's Eugene Lang College came in 12th, and Fordham University's Lincoln Center school was ranked 17th on the list.