Somehow we don't think a broom handle to the ceiling is going to fix this one. One of Madonna's Upper West Side neighbors filed a lawsuit yesterday, charging her of subjecting the building to "pounding noise and vibration" when she uses her apartment as a dance studio.

Karen George lives above Madonna on Central Park West, and has filed the suit because the building's management has "curiously" ceased efforts to follow up on an attempt to silence the star, reports the Daily News.

However, this is the same building management who tried to keep Madonna from purchasing a third unit in the building in 2007, a battle that she won. The Post reports the Material Girl has been threatened with eviction, but seem to be making few moves to hold up that promise. Either way, Madonna seems to be moving on up to a de-luxe apartment on the Upper East Side soon, so she can practice her dance moves in front of one of her nine fireplaces.