Don't ever discount the MTA's ability to throw a fun little curveball into the stultifying drudgery of a wet Monday morning commute: Today, an untold number of MetroCard machines at stations across the city went cash-only for the entirety of rush hour, something the transit agency didn't bother to mention until hours after the fact. Surprise!

While the MTA issued an advisory about a system upgrade preventing credit or debit purchases overnight on Friday, that upgrade was expected to be completed by Saturday morning, and "no later than 8:30 a.m. on Sunday." But now it is Monday, and the upgrade has evolved into an apparent glitch, as my subway station clerk informed me. Riders not carrying those little green bills that some older people used to buy Blade Runner 2049 tickets were pretty much screwed...

At 10 a.m., the MTA's twitter account acknowledged the inconvenience, and tweeted that the system had been fully restored just before 11 a.m. Representatives with the MTA did not respond to questions about what caused the outages, and how many stations were affected.

Anyway, the MTA ultimately plans to phase out the MetroCard entirely, in favor of some still-experimental "New Fare Payment System". Hopefully they let us know beforehand!