The weather is calling for partly cloudy skies throughout this long weekend with some chance for afternoon isolated thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday. Temps could hit 80 on Saturday while remaining slightly cooler on Sunday and Monday. Personally, a thunderstorm would be a fitting event for the unofficial start of summer (remember to be very aware of lightning dangers).

So back to surfing... the National Weather Service has started their Surf Zone Forecast giving some basic weather and ocean conditions forecast "for the ocean beaches of New York City and Long Island". Hmmm... Can we really say there are ocean beaches in New York City and get away with it?

It's a bummer they don't include wave heights in their forecasts (for the L.I. surf crowd). Not that we have too much in the way of big waves to flaunt for the surf world, but we've all been told... it's not the size that matters. If you do want to check out the surf conditions for... surfing, then head to surfline.com for up to date conditions, forecasts, photo's and streaming video. The site has conditions for beaches all over the country, so even if you are traveling, you can find the gnarly waves you're looking for "brah".

Enjoy the weekend weather everyone. Have a beer marinated grilled somethin' somethin' for us. And if you're traveling... you should have left by now.