The man accused of sucker-punching of a man in Hell's Kitchen on Tuesday has reportedly been arrested.

According to WABC 7, "32 year old Corey Pohan was held in New Jersey overnight, where he will appear in court later today. Detectives obtained an arrest for Pohan and tracked him to New Jersey. He agreed to voluntarily come back to New York to talk to detectives. Authorities say while waiting at a toll booth near the Lincoln Tunnel, he changed his mind and told detectives he was no longer surrendering. NYPD notified New Jersey State Police, who responded and quickly took him into custody. Pohan will appear in court in New Jersey later today."

The punch was caught on video, and it shows two men exchanging words before the blonde man punches the other. The victim, Paul Martone, 49, suffered a serious head injury—his skull was fractured.


A witness says Martone snapped at his attacker for stepping over his dog at West 55th Street and 9th Avenue. From the Post:

Martone, with his stocky boyfriend standing nearby, yelled at the man, whom sources identified as Corey Pohan, 32. As Pohan tried to walk away, Martone kept shouting, witnesses said.

“The suspect was trying to remove himself from the situation,” a source said. But Martone would not relent, egging on Pohan with the taunt, “Why don’t you throw the first punch?”

The man took the bait and landed a vicious right hook into Martone’s chin — and scurried off as Martone fell back and cracked his head on the sidewalk.

Pohan reportedly rents bikes to tourists in Central Park: "After the video was released, workers from a legit bike-rental company called 911 to tell cops he is the man who steals their business."

The Post's police source said of Pohan, "This guy is scared out of his mind."