Yesterday, the Supreme Court declined to hear's and's attempt to end NY State's practice of charging sales tax on Internet-bought goods. The ruling does not address when the Amazon drones will mis-deliver Justice Scalia's Seinfeld DVDs!

Earlier this year, the New York Court of Appeals ruled, 4-1, that the online retailers had to charge sales tax. Further, as WWD reports, Amazon and Overstock also has "contracts with local affiliates, such as blogs that post links to the Amazon and Overstock Web sites."

However, Amazon and Overstock had insisted that they should be exempt, since they don't have a physical presence in NY State. After the Courts of Appeals ruling, Overstock ended its affiliate program in NY.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said yesterday, "Today's Supreme Court decision validates New York's efforts to treat both online and brick-and-mortar retailers equally and fairly, by requiring all retailers with a presence in our state to collect sales taxes." Yeah, visit some of these actual stores when you get a chance.