[UPDATE BELOW] As Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arrived at court today, about a dozen supporters—yes, supporters—were there waiting to cheer him on, holding signs and demanding his release. The Boston Globe reports that some were chanting “Justice for Dzhokhar’’ and “Give him his freedom back" as a white van bearing Tsarnaev pulled up. Some supporters believe U.S. government was actually responsible for the attack, and one young man was spotted wearing this T-shirt outside the courtroom:

NYC resident Karina Figueroa, 35, told the Boston Globe that she believes Tsarnaev is wrongly accused. “I’ve seen a lot of videos showing inconsistencies,’’ said Figueroa. “They are framing him, I believe. I want him to be exonerated.’’ On behalf of everyone else in America, one counter-protester shouted at the group, "You guys are a bunch of scumbags."

Tsarnaev will be arraigned later this afternoon, and this marks his first public appearance since his arrest on April 19th. (His first court appearance was actually conducted bedside, as he was recovering from injuries sustained in a shootout with police.) Seventeen of the charges carry the possibility of the death penalty, while the others carry the possibility of life in prison. Three people were killed in the bombing and more than 260 were wounded.

According to the indictment, Tsarnaev, 19, allegedly wrote a confession in the boat where he was found that explained, "I don't like killing innocent people [but] I can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. ... We Muslims are one body, you hurt one you hurt us all. Stop killing our innocent people, we will stop." Tsarnaev's older brother Tamerlan, who allegedly planned the attack, had been killed hours earlier, after Tsarnaev ran him over with a getaway car.

Update: Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to all charges. The Boston Globe was in the courtroom, which was packed with victims' families and a few Tsarnaev supporters, and reports that he "wore an orange prison jumpsuit with the top unbuttoned, and a black T-shirt underneath. His hair was shaggy, consistent with the photos that were released at the time of the bombings. His face appeared distorted at times as he fidgeted in his seat. There was a visible scar just below his throat, possibly the result of being shot by police, and he was wearing what appeared to be a cast on his left arm."