After yesterday's announcement that federal and state agencies will lease 1 million of Freedom Tower's 2.6 million square feet, the candidates for NY Governor have backed the plan as well. The NY Times reports that Democratic nominee Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Republican nominee John Faso both threw their support behind the plan, which now "signals that whoever wins the general election in November is likely to continue Gov. George E. Pataki’s plans for the skyscraper." While it was expected Faso would support the plan, Spitzer's been more vocal in criticizing the project, which is one of the biggest symbols of Pataki's failure as a leader. But now, with the NY Governor's office moving to Freedom Tower, as well as other federal agencies, it seems Spitzer is on board. When the Times asked Mayor Bloomberg's office if the city would move any of its offices to Freedom Tower, his spokesman simply said, "When we have an announcement to make, we’ll make it.” Well, it's not like Mayor Bloomberg's administration would even see the agencies move there, since the tower won't be completed (if it actually gets built) until well after his term is up.

And Spitzer has also approved another development plan: Moving Madison Square Garden to the James Farley Post Office.

Photograph by Seth Wenig/AP