A number of politicians offered their support (though not 100%) of Mayor Bloomberg's Voldemort, aka congestion pricing, today. U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters appeared with Governor Eliot Spitzer and Bloomberg at a press conference today, with Peters saying, "This plan will keep the city that never sleeps from becoming the city that never moves." She also put some pressure on the state Legislature to approve the just submitted S. 6068, the NY State Senate's congestion pricing legislation, by saying that in order for the city to continue to qualify for federal transportation grants, it needs to pass congestion pricing.

The Empire Zone, though, describes Peters' and Spitzer's congestion pricing support as "qualified":

Mr. Spitzer said at a news conference this morning, “There will always be some congestion and the good news is there is economic growth and there’s vitality in the city.” The goal, he said, is to mitigate the effects of congestion. The governor appeared swayed by the mayor’s arguments that the plan would help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority: “I would just reinforce the mayor’s point about the enormity of the capital investments that will be made in the mass transportation system over the next decade. These are decade-long investments, but they will be enormous.”

NY Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno supports the the plan, but it's unclear how Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver feels.

You can download a 154-page PDF of the legislation at Streetsblog, which mentioned how the Daily Politics' Elizabeth Benjamin marveled at the speed at which the bill got drafted: "As recently as Monday I was talking to lawmakers in Albany who said they had not seen a whole bill from the Bloomberg administration, but rather pieces of a bill that had holes large enough to drive a delivery truck through."

Photograph of Bloomberg at this morning's press conference, with Spitzer and Peters, by Richard Drew