2006_08_acs2.jpgThe Administration for Children's Services has yet another problem on its hands. A Brooklyn mother who was visiting her daughter at an ACS-contracted foster facility managed to kidnap the 5 year old, Egypt Lewis. Deneen Peterkin returned her 5 year old to St. Vincent's Services, a foster agency on Montague Street, yesterday when she found out police were looking for her. The Daily News reports that Peterkin managed to get away with her daughter by saying she didn't have any way to get home; when the caseworker left to get a Metrocard, Peterkin left with
Egypt. The ACS is investigating what happened and may cancel its contract with St. Vincent's as a result.

Peterkin was charged with kidnapping, custodial interference, criminal contempt and endangering the welfare of a child. Her daughter has been cared for by relatives since she had a mental breakdown earlier this year.