A Westchester schools superintendent has been sued by eight employees who say he used racist profanity to yell at them—and that included 26 variations of the word "bitch." The Greenburgh School District employees—which include a human resources director, a principal, guidance counselors and teachers—say they’ve been "intimidated, degraded, rendered anxious, distracted from their professional duties and responsibilities" by superintendent Ronald O. Ross and his use of language. He probably didn't know that when it comes to that word, feelings are the only facts.

Here's the full list of "bitch" variations he allegedly wielded against his coworkers and subordinates:

  • "White Bitch"
  • "Whining White Bitch"
  • "Black Bitch"
  • "Fat Bitch"
  • "Old Black Bitch"
  • "Old Fat Black Bitch"
  • "Nazi Bitch"
  • "Russian Bitch"
  • "Cancer Bitch"
  • "Jew Bitch"
  • "Midget Bitch"
  • "Fat Drunk Bitch"
  • "False Titty Bitch"
  • "Fake Titty Bitch"
  • "Old Black Bitch"
  • "Old Fat Black Bitch"
  • "Nosey Jew Bitch"
  • "Black Bitches"
  • "Dumb Bitch"
  • "Fucking White Bitch"
  • "Fat White D-e Bitch"
  • "White D-e Bitch"
  • "Drunken Bitch"
  • "Deaf White Bitch"
  • "Racist White Bitch"
  • "Racist Brazilian Bitch"

In addition to that impressive list, Ross allegedly used other racial terms such as "Aunt Jemima," "Clarence Thomas," "White Uncle Tom," "White Devil," "sell out," "crackers," "trailer trash," and "Oreo." The employees say he mocked teachers for both losing and gaining weight over the school intercom; he suggested a teacher's cancer was caused by her being a bitch (see: "Cancer Bitch"); he made derogatory comments about both Muslims and Jews; and he told female students they were "going to be roofied and raped" in college.

When confronted by the Post about the charges, Ross told them, "I don’t know anything about it." Is it possible the employees got Ross confused with another linguist who has a known fondness for the word "bitch?"