The NFL team owners have convened and voted the New Meadowlands as the location of the 2014 Super Bowl. As befitting a location in NJ where "New York" teams play, the announcement was a little weird, "Super Bowl XLVIII, in February of 2010, will be played in New York-New Jersey."

The other finalists for the big game were Tampa and South Florida, but sun can be soo boring and warm, so NY/NJ was the favorite. The Post notes, "When presenting their Super Bowl bid two weeks ago, the Giants and Jets played up the chance of snow during the game -- saying it would make it unique despite the hardships fans and sponsors already paying $1,000 face value for a ticket would have to endure."

Voting did not go all that smoothly:

No bid received the required 24 of 32 votes on the first ballot, so NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called for a second ballot. Miami was eliminated on that ballot, but neither New York/New Jersey nor Tampa managed to get the required 24 votes on the third. A simple majority was needed on the fourth ballot, and New York/New Jersey became the winner.

And the Daily News reports, "The Super Bowl is projected ... be the impetus for the Giants and Jets to get a naming rights deal worth at least $500 million for their new stadium," as well as, "The NFL has an unwritten policy that rewards team and cities for building new stadiums by placing a Super Bowl in it within a few years of the opening. The momentum for a game in the Giants and Jets new $1.7 billion home began building late last season when the Super Bowl Advisory Committee voted to waive its 50-degree rule and allow the Giants and Jets to make a bid." So if you build it, a Super Bowl will come!