jorgesuper.jpgAn Upper East Side super does more than just keep things running smoothly at the Park Ave. building where he works, he's a crimefighter. Veteran building superintendent Jorge Ortiz has worked as a superintendent for 21 years, since he was 18 years old. Sharp eyes and experience have resulted in Ortiz apprehending a number of criminals over the year. That and a bit of courage.

Recently he pointed out to WCBS tv news an intruder who had gained access to his building via an open construction entrance. "Look what he does, he looks left, and then goes straight to that door and starts shaking the door down, why would he do that?" Ortiz raced upstairs and tackled the burglar with the help of another building attendant, before detaining him for police.

Ortiz has also caught a car thief outside his building, even as he was attacked with a screwdriver. He started as a doormen as a teenager but has stayed on at the address and as come to feel proprietary about it. "Ortiz has been working in the building for 21 years, starting as a doorman when he was 18 and says he'll do anything to protect it."