2008_06_dupre.jpgAshley Alexandra Dupre, also known as "Kristen," the high-class prostitute former governor Eliot Spitzer visited on Valentine's Day eve, strutted her considerable stuff at a New Jersey beach yesterday and there was a photographer on the scene to provide enough photos for the Daily News to give us this gallery.

According to the News, Dupre was at a beach in Sea Girt with her mother, who looks like she could be Dupre's sister, in "matching Gucci sunglasses and silver hoop earrings"--and string bikinis. Dupre has apparently been a regular at the beach this past weekend and the one before, plus has been seen at the Parker House pub for happy hour.

A tattoo with the Latin phrase "tutela valui" was right below her belly button. City Room got translations: NYU offered "I fared well by protection" and a Columbia grad student mentioned the exact translation could be "I was strong by means of a keeper, by means of safety" but also added for "some modern sense of the word, You could say, 'I used protection.'" She does believe in protection, after all.