Photograph of a Giants fan in Times Square by Johnia! on Flickr

After the stunning Giants' Super Bowl win, people cheered like they hadn't seen a Super Bowl victory in 17 years! Throughout the city, folks were stumbling onto streets, chanting the names of players and even getting arrested.

A thousand people flooded Times Square, reportedly jumping on cars and sitting on top of phone kiosks, but the Post says no one was arrested. On the Upper East Side, 86th Street was closed by the police and in Brooklyn, fire trucks "roared down the boulevards with their lights on and horns blaring." Heck, people were even moved to dance naked on cars!

Photograph of a Union Square arrest by daniel.gene on Flickr

In Union Square, there were arrests. The Washington Square News reported that two NYU students were nabbed when a female freshman banged on the window of one of those undercover police cars that look like cabs.

Two officers jumped out of the car, threw the girl onto the vehicle's hood, arrested and handcuffed her and put her in the car's backseat.

As the car continued to drive through the mass of people, a male sophomore approached the vehicle in what onlookers said was an attempt to check on the girl. He was arrested as well.

"That's my boy," one onlooker said of the sophomore. "He didn't do anything, and they cuffed him."

As for the ticker tape parade, here are the details:

  • The parade will now start at 11AM at Broadway at Battery Place. The parade continues north on Broadway (the Canyon of Heroes) to Chambers Street and ends at City Hall, where a ceremony will be held
  • Mass transit is the best way to get to the parade route, so expect some crowded subways and trains. The MTA is adding additional service to the subways, buses, LIRR, and Metro-North. Also: "Crowds near the City Hall R/W, the Park Place 2/3 station and the Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall 4/5/6 station may force trains to bypass these stations during the parade and ceremony at City Hall."
  • NJ Transit is also adding extra service.
  • The confetti used in the ticker tape parade is coming from Red Hook. According to the Observer, "The confetti is recycled packaging paper cut into approximately 10-inch strips and is being provided by the Atlas Material Company in Red Hook. Downtown Alliance personnel spent today at the company's plant, breaking down the 60-pound bales of packaging paper into 25-pound bags. "

This will be first ticker tape parade for a winning Super Bowl team in NYC; during the past Giants' wins, then Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins declined to hold them (Koch said the Giants were "foreigners", Dinkins didn't want to have a parade just as the Gulf War was starting).

WCBS880 has good info, plus a map. And expect lots of drunk, stumbling people in the middle of the day. Try to be patient.