accuwx_arctic_blast.jpgAs we mentioned on Friday, Staten Island Chuck's forecast skills aren't the best. Instead of an early spring, today and tomorrow will be the coldest days yet this winter. An arctic front passed through the city around three o'clock this morning, bringing with it bone chilling cold, dry air and high winds.

While the temperature may get up to the lower 20s today, it certainly won't feel nearly that warm. Winds coming out of the west at 15-20 miles and hour mean a wind chill hovering around zero degrees today. Tonight and tomorrow will be even colder as the core of the arctic air mass moves by us.

The city will flirt with single digit temperatures and below zero wind chills tonight. Because of the extreme conditions Gothamist is issuing our first ever Super Bowl Party Drunken Fool Alert! If you get stinking drunk, or even a little more tipsy than usual, while you're out tonight, hail a cab home instead of walking. We may think it's just a short walk, and we may not feel that cold, but a night like tonight reminds us of Werner Herzog's great line from Grizzly Man about the "overwhelming indifference of nature". If you are out and suspect someone has frostbite or is suffering from hypothermia get them someplace warm and call 911.

Cold and windy conditions will be here through Tuesday. The winds will die down by Wednesday but it should remain cold. As of this morning it looks like slightly warmer will arrive on Thursday.

Arctic blast graphic from AccuWeather.