As if watching NFL football wasn't torture enough, a Bronx man claims he was literally tortured by his guests at his Super Bowl party last year. Michael Terry, 40, says he invited his drug-dealing neighbors over to watch the big game, but after the Giants defeated the Patriots, his guests overstayed their welcome, and used his apartment to sell drugs to other buyers. When he tried to throw them out, Terry says they handcuffed him to a chair and put him through hell.

Montric Brewer, 21, and Idris Richardson, 20, are accused of first punching and kicking Terry, and then sticking a gun in his mouth. "I have this 9-mm. I should blow your [expletive] head off," Richardson allegedly yelled. But instead they allegedly boiled some water, threw in some pennies, tore off Terry's clothes, dripped scalding water on his body, and placed the hot pennies on his back, genitals, and thighs, burning off his skin—treatment even a Patriots fan doesn't deserve.

Richardson allegedly wrapped the party up by warning Terry, "Don't do nothing stupid. Don't tell nobody. I know where your family lives." Jury selection for the trial began this week, and Brewer's lawyer told the Daily News that Terry's account of the party couldn't be trusted because he's a "life-long drug addict."