In response to a rash of coronavirus cases in Oneonta, New York after dozens of SUNY Oneonta students tested positive following a series of large parties, the state university system released a COVID-19 dashboard to monitor cases throughout SUNY's 64 institutions.

Colleges in New York can permit in-person instruction with physical distancing measures, but if a school reaches 100 coronavirus cases or 5 percent of school's total population, students and staff, whichever is fewer, they must halt in-person learning operations for two weeks. CUNY announced last week that they would be operating in-person instruction, with mandatory (but self-reported) health checks.

Over the weekend, New York University announced that more than 20 students had been suspended, as colleges nationwide continue to grapple with the task of bringing students back to campuses while barring them from congregating in groups. NYU had previously forced students from states with high rates of COVID-19 transmission to quarantine in their dorm rooms for two weeks before classes.

Over the weekend, there appeared to be impromptu gatherings at Washington Square Park, but an NYU spokesperson said the suspensions were unrelated.

An NYU spokesperson, Shonna Keogan, said that while the school could not comment on specific disciplinary matters, "the more than 20 suspensions referred to in the tweet all involve infractions of our safety and health rules, and are actions we had taken prior to last night's gatherings in the park."

"We are keenly aware of the effects of large gatherings at other universities where students did not wear masks or physically distance, and we have been communicating to students very specifically about the perils of such gatherings, and how the unsafe behavior of just a modest amount of students can change the course of the semester for thousands," Keogan wrote in an email. "If we confirm that any of our students were involved in these gatherings and acting in violation with our health and safety protocols, we will take swift action."

Meanwhile, in Boston, Northeastern University suspended 11 first-year students after they were found congregating in a room in violation of the school's social distancing policies. According to BuzzFeed, the students' tuition—roughly $36,543 per semester—will not be refunded.

Additional reporting from Sydney Pereira.