The first day of summer session at SUNY Farmingdale saw a tragic accident where a 19-year-old girl was killed and a fellow student left in critical condition after they were backed over by a garbage truck while on campus. The victim, Kaeli Sarah Kramer of Huntington, was beginning a class she was taking over the summer after just finishing her first year at a college in New Jersey. Kramer had graduated as valedictorian in 2008 form Knox School in St. James. Police are still investigating, but a spokesperson for the truck's company said that the alarm that rings while the front-loading truck backs up was working and had gone off—police returned the truck to the company after inspecting it following the accident. The second victim was 21-year-old Aresh Saqib, a third year student in construction management, who is in critical but stable condition with a broken pelvis. The driver of the truck finally stopped after spotting Saqib in the side view mirror on his hands and knees screaming. He did not face any charges and was treated for emotional distress.