Everyone knows that pizza and weed go together like chocolate and peanut weed butter, but one Papa John's employee was allegedly slinging something a little stronger with his pies. Ramon Rodriguez was arrested in Sunset Park yesterday for repeatedly selling cocaine to undercover cops—the largest batch of which was a kilo of cocaine for $27,500. That seems like a lot of drugs to stuff in a container normally reserved for a fistful of chicken nuggets, but if this man can semi-successfully contain 17 baggies of coke in his butt cheeks, truly anything is possible.

According to officials, Rodriguez met undercover cops last night in front of Papa John's Sunset Park location at 5804 5th Avenue. Wearing his uniform, Rodriguez entered the restaurant and returned with a bag, a pizza box and a chicken nugget box. Sounds normal enough, but instead of a Buffalo Chicken Pizza paired with an order of Papa's Chkn Poppers TM, the box contained, allegedly, a kilo of cocaine, which Rodriguez then placed inside the officer's car.

Several other sales allegedly also took place since cops began investigating Rodriguez in 2011. On one occasion, Rodriguez even sweetened the deal with an actual pizza, allegedly handing the cop 20 grams of cocaine under the box.

Rodriguez is charged with several counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. He is expected to be arraigned today. Our hope, of course, is that he eventually goes on to open a chain called Papa's Prison Pizza with this guy.