Hey everybody: get outside and enjoy the nice weather because there's plenty of rain soon headed our way. A big high pressure system is slowly moving eastward, bringing plenty of sun this afternoon. Today's high will be in the mid 70s. As the high moves offshore the winds will start coming out of the south, pulling more humid air our way. That should give us a mostly cloudy Thursday with a high again in the mid 70s. Then the rain begins.

The hurricane season began on June 1st and if you look at the southern Gulf of Mexico you'll see what the Weather Channel calls a "festering area of convection" developing. The festering area likely won't develop into a strong storm but the tremendous amounts of tropical moisture associated with that system look like they will run up the East Coast just as a cold front approaches from the Midwest. The combination is likely to produce rain, rain, and more rain. Look for showers to start late Thursday night, continue into Friday, and then turn into widespread rain and thunderstorms on Friday night on into Saturday. Friday's high probably won't get much higher than 70 degrees. Saturday might be warmer if the rain tails off in the afternoon.

Looking on the bright side a weak high pressure system is expected to give us a pleasant Sunday. The forecast gets really uncertain after that. A low pressure system is going to approach from the Great Lakes on Monday or Tuesday but the path it is expected to take, and thus whether or not we'll see more rain, is unknown as of now.