Weather over Manhattan by trawin on Flickr

The series of photos above were taken a few minutes apart as a rain storm moved over Manhattan earlier in the week. No such storms today. A high pressure system has brought dry air and a lot of subsidence to the city. The result will be a sunny and mild start to the day with a high right around the normal of 83. That's quite a change from the past week, which a turn to the cool side. August is now running 1.5 degrees cooler than average.

Skies will cloud up later today as the weak high gets pushed out to sea. There's a slight chance of a stray shower this evening but those are largely expected to stay north and west of the city.

Separate low pressure systems currently over eastern Canada and the Carolinas will become New York weather makers for the remainder of the week. Forecasters don't have a good handle on the Carolina system so don't be surprised if the forecast changes a lot by tomorrow. In general high temperatures will be right around 80 degrees, warming to the mid 80s over the weekend. There's a good chance of rain, especially for eastern Long Island, tomorrow and Friday.

It is not clear if the chance of rain will disappear by Saturday. Sunday, though, is currently looking sunny and warm.